Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increasing purchases by 35% through Conversion Rate Optimisation

How leading with your most expensive product can actually boost sales.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation



The core brief was to increase conversion rate on the business subscription checkout page, with a secondary objective of trying to increase the value of each subscription.

Project Execution

Our hypothesis

When it comes to CRO there are always 101 things you could potentially test, so our first action was to prioritise based on likely impact. 

From researching competitors, as well as other SAAS products, the order of pricing plans was identified as a key variable.

Ecologi historically had always presented their three plans from least expensive to most expensive, left to right (as shown below):

This ordering is intuitive so as not to put potential customers off by leading with the highest price. However, internal research from Ecologi’s customer base suggested that the highest perceived value for money came from those on the more expensive plans.

Off the back of this, we decided to test whether reversing the plan order (i.e. leading with the most expensive plan) would actually improve performance.

Constructing the test

We used the best-in-class CRO testing tool VWO to set up the test. The variation looked like this:

KPIs and measurement

Ideally we would have had 2 KPIs: conversion rate and average plan value. However, due to tracking limitations we were unable to measure average plan value within VWO. As a result, we focussed on conversion rate as tracked by VWO and measured average plan value at a sitewide level in GA - not a perfect solution, but enough to give us a read.


Despite leading with the higher price, conversion rate increased 35%. Not only that, but at a sitewide level the average plan value increased.

CRO uplifts help improve the performance of all channels, paid and organic, in turn lowering CPAs and allowing us to scale budgets.

Do good, better

If you’re a climate tech company like Ecologi - or a subscription brand, or possibly a charity looking to grow your regular givers - we would love to work with you. 

Get in touch below to see if we’d be a good fit.