Do Good, Better

Digitally savvy and socially conscious, we help non-profits and ethical businesses 

upgrade their digital marketing


From Google Ad Grants to Facebook & Instagram, we’ll make sure the good work you do finds the right people at the right time.

Google Ad Grants

You probably know Google offers up to $10,000 a month to charities. But few manage to make the most of it. From setup to navigating eligibility requirements, let us help maximise your spend.

Paid Search

We've worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, commercial and non-profit. We know what works for thousand pound budgets and what works for millions. Get in touch for a free digital account audit.

Paid Social

Specialising in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we'll help you connect with customers at all stages of their journey. Contact us for a comprehensive pro-bono social audit.




Our mission: to bring the best of commercial PPC experience to good causes all across the world


We're not too keen on the word "agency". We've worked in agencies, the best in fact. They can be great and we certainly learned a lot there. But they can also be big and impersonal, and often they want to grow. Growth isn't bad, but it can come at the expense of quality.

We're not interested in that kind of relationship. In fact, we're not really interested in having "clients". We'd much rather think of ourselves as partners. What's more we're all trained specialists in our respective fields. Meaning the people doing the work are just as experienced as those directing them.

So what does that make us? Well, if it’s not too pretentious we call ourselves a collective, unburdened by growth plans and experience hierarchies, ready to immerse ourselves and help you achieve your goals.

We look forward to meeting you.



“Ethix Digital has been a revelation for Ecologi, building a concrete strategy that we can scale up over time. It’s an utter pleasure working with them.” 

—  Ian Hambleton, Co-Founder


We're a mix of like-minded specialists who decided digital marketing could do more. 

Search & Strategy

Joe Brownrigg

Co-Founder / Search & Strategy

Joe's digital marketing life started agency-side where he was lucky enough to direct on some of the biggest accounts out there. Among other things he helped peddle tax services, lingerie and bath tubs for some very large companies. But as important as tax-free cleanliness is, Joe decided there must be better causes to dedicate his time to, and so he founded ethix.

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Gwenno Jones

Co-Founder / Social Guru

Gwenno's experience ranges far and wide. From international service providers to social media start ups, she's run ads on just about every social media platform out there. Gwenno also has a master's degree in Chemistry from Oxford, ensuring her paid social never strays far from the science.

Social Guru

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Shopping & Feeds

Kate Belford

Co-Founder / Shopping & Feeds

When it comes to Shopping ads, Kate knows more than half the people at Google. Experienced at managing large teams and multi-million dollar budgets, Kate brings to ethix everything your ethical brand needs to maximise its e-commerce potential.

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