3 ways to expand the reach of your Google search campaigns

How to continuously grow your impressions, clicks & revenue.

It’s important to always be searching for new opportunities to expand the reach of your search campaigns, helping you capture new audiences & increase conversions. However, it’s equally important to do this efficiently. 

Read on for our top 3 ways for growing your reach efficiently.

1. Add new keywords

The more keywords in your account, the more search terms they’ll match to, & the more auctions you’ll enter. Of course, they need to be relevant keywords, or your chances of winning the auction & getting users to click though to your site will be low.

Here are 5 ways you can find new, relevant keywords.


Firstly, look through your website & imagine what searches would be relevant. For example, if you’re a children’s charity, “children’s charity” would be a good keyword. If your site has an article on a specific treatment for a disease, the name of that treatment could also be a good keyword.

Keyword Planner

Google Ads also has a tool called the “Keyword Planner” which can give you keyword ideas based on some input phrases you choose, & your website.

Generative AI

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can also suggest keywords. Here’s an example:

Google Search Console

Another good place to look is Google Search Console, where you can see what users are searching for organically to reach your site, & get ideas from there.

Search term reports

Search term reports are another good place for keyword inspiration. These reports show you what people were searching when they triggered your ads.

 For example, a search for “volunteering with babies” could have matched to your “volunteering with children” keyword. You might then build a new keyword “volunteering with babies” to increase the number of searches of this type you match with.

2. Broaden your match types

You can broaden your reach not only by adding new keywords, but also by broadening the match type of your keywords.

There a 3 different match types:

  • Exact: The keyword will only match to search terms that have the same meaning e.g. “donate locally” & “give money near me”
  • Phrase: The keyword will match to the search term if it contains the meaning e.g. “donate locally” & “donate near me via post”
  • Broad: The keyword will match to any related search term e.g. “donate locally” & “food banks”

Phrase match allows you to be specific enough, while not overly limiting your reach, so we recommend you start there. If you’re looking to further expand your reach, you can then consider expanding to broad match.

3. Dynamic Search Ads

There is an alternative to choosing keywords, called Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). Here, you choose a landing page instead of keywords, & Google decides which search terms to match to based on the content on the landing page, similar to organic search.

DSAs, like search term reports, are a good way to broaden your reach, & get new keyword ideas.

Do good, better

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3 ways to expand the reach of your Google search campaigns

Oxford educated, Gwenno’s expertise now spans Paid Search, Social & Display, working on a mix of ecommerce, charity, event, education & B2B clients. In addition to tackling creative strategy, she is also the agency's tracking expert and oversees data & reporting projects.