• Kate Belford

Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | June 26th

Our top blogs from this week

  1. Instagram announced a new shopping policy (length: short), designed to make the platform accessible to smaller retailers. In summary, the key requirement is that you must link products to a website or storefront that you own.

  2. Continuing the expansion of shopping into other surfaces across Google, Search Engine Land announced that you can now advertise products in TrueView for action (length: medium). This feature will allow you to expand your call to action to show your bestsellers, in-app.

  3. Even some of the best advertisers have an imperfect Google Analytics set-up. Search Engine Journal shared this article (length: long), which identified some common problems and how to fix them.

  4. Moz shared some ideas for how retailers can cope with unexpected trends as a result of COVID (length: long), especially keeping customers where you have low stock.

Also in the news

  • Stop Hate for Profit has been growing momentum. A number of major retailers, including Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia have joined a Facebook boycott, demanding stricter rules against racist and hateful content - see their specific demands here.

  • Google’s ad revenue forecast for 2020 is set to drop for the first time ever.

  • Google’s former Google Ads chief has announced Neeva - an ad free subscription search engine, designed to compete with Google.

  • Meanwhile, Google has launched Keen - a potential Pinterest competitor. Should it be successful, the ability to gather social signals will be a boost to Google targeting across the whole network.

  • Finally, in an effort to continue to fight misinformation, Google has added a “fact check” label to image results.